PT Mugiharjo Makmur Sentosa

Furniture and Wooden House

About Us

MUGIHARJO has been established since 1998 in Boyolali, Central Java, Indonesia. Starts from the home industry which begins from the enthusiasm of young men, who want to make furniture in better quality.

In 2005 we received a large market demand so we built a factory named PT YOSOGIRA which is located in an industrial area managed by Asmindo (Indonesia Furniture Industry and Handicraft Association), precisely in Kalijambe, Sragen Regency.


Our Key Features



Integrity means telling the truth, keeping promises and treating others fairly and with respect. Integrity cannot be compromised because of the principles we believe in.



Quality is displayed in many ways by selling and supporting the excellence of furniture and wooden house products. This is our opportunity to provide buyers with high quality products and relevant prices.



Commitment is important where we will continue to provide the best to our customers and partners at all times. That is our opportunity to share and achieve success together.



Innovation means finding, designing and developing products that have high appeal in the market and strengthen customer preferences for Mugiharjo wooden house and furniture projects

Our Product